Braver than brave

Mono’s chore at church is keeping the courtyard gardens pruned and watered, and she loves it. She has named every plant there. She is the class clown even though they are not at school.

Mono was born with laryngeal papillomatosis, which affects the tone of her voice and causes her some breathing difficulty in hot weather.

Her husband Wander is of dubious greatness.


Stronger than strong

Lanya is Mono’s larger and considerably more religious best friend. Her church chore is dusting the deviancy tablets, and she does not like it at all.

Lanya was taught to swim at six months old by her father. She was maid of honor at Mono’ s wedding, shortly before Eume, Lanya’s sister, was born.


No such thing…

Briony enjoys bread and building stuff and dogs. They speak 7 languages and survived a shipwreck.
Briony learned to fight with swords from a young age from their brother. Because Briony had private tutors and only really socialized with their brother and their brother’s friends growing up, Mono and Lanya are their first friends of the same age.

Briony is Muslim and has no church chores.


Blood, young sprouts, sky…

Wander is a happy person whose best friend just left for a faraway city to study. He has problems eating that go beyond being a picky eater, and his mother used to get really stressed about having him eat or drink enough every day. He sometimes gives up on a drawing seconds after starting it.
Apparently he is not that great, and he probably doesn't care.

Wander is a boy and does not have to do chores at church, but as a member of the hunting fraternity he is expected to give offerings.